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Corporate Courses
& Assessment

Every business is unique. Do you know what your successes and vulnerabilities are when it comes to safety at your workplace or in your job?

​We help protect your business and your reputation.

We know keeping your employees safe during business hours is a constant concern.10-10 Defense can help you understand where you are best protecting or unknowingly exposing your employees to potential threats by surveying your property and considering your normal course of business to make sure you are providing a safe and productive environment.  

We compliment those services by offering on- or off-site workplace self-defense training for your employees so that everyone stays safe and your reputation remains in tact.

We help protect your employees when they are most vulnerable.

Do your employees work in a profession that requires very early or late hours? Are they required to serve unfamiliar people all alone such as real estate agents or sales professionals? Expressed or not, it can put them in some compromising situations and make them feel exposed and vulnerable---but it doesn’t have to. We'll tailor self-defense training specific to your employees. They will learn simple, job-specific self-defense techniques that can help them escape almost any unwanted advance.

Whether you need self-defense training near Lubbock, Texas, or around the world, call us or send an email to schedule a workplace assessment or corporate self-defense workshop.

"A small investment of time and money in quality self-defense training today can prevent catastrophic losses in the future - losses that can literally cripple a company."

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