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Firearm Safety

Could life be more dangerous with a gun than without? Not after you take this course.

Buying a gun is not a one-and-done event​


Knowing the skills to defend yourself with a gun, as well as how to maintain it, will significantly decrease the risk of unintentionally harming yourself or anyone else. At 10-10 Defense, gun owners can learn the basics of firearm safety such as the proper stance; how to hold, aim and shoot the firearm; as well as how to clean and maintain it. It doesn't matter if you need firearm safety basics or you're interested in advancing your skills, this course is for you.

If you don't feel hand-to-hand self-defense is for you, but carrying a firearm for protection is, this class can prepare you for LTC and Constitutional Carry


Email today to schedule firearms training.

**You must be a gun owner and bring your firearm with you to the course.**

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