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Stalked woman looking in purse

Gen Z & Student

Once a young woman has been assaulted, it changes her life forever. Help secure her future well-being.

As young women mature, the risk of personal assault rises. 


If you are between the ages of 13 and 24, you are probably excited about your future and the opportunities for growth and independence that come with it. What you may not be thinking of is how you could be unknowingly presenting yourself as an easy target to someone who may have ill intent. We falsely believe that we will always be attacked by a stranger, but statistics show the chances are high it would be someone you already have some level of relationship with---maybe someone you casually meet in the community, on a college campus, at work or in a dating relationship. Before something happens, learn how to greatly minimize your risk of becoming a victim.

At 10-10 Defense, we want to equip you with skills and knowledge so you can walk in confidence while gaining independence. We help young women like you gain a real-world perspective on the threats you may not know exist or haven't experienced yet. Then we teach you practical, hands-on self-defense techniques within a safe environment where you can practice, ask questions and become comfortable detecting and escaping those scenarios. Take a look at some of the techniques you will be learning.

Are you a woman over the age of 24? Click here.

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