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I feel

Are you somewhere between fearful and fearless? Be clever and live CONFIDENT.

Common Comments We've Heard...

  • I won't ever be assaulted.

  • My husband [or significant other] will protect me.

  • I can't defend myself anyway so what's the use?

  • I live in a safe town/neighborhood.

  • I'll never be able to remember what to do when I really need it. 

We all have different life experiences that influence our thoughts and feelings about protecting ourselves. At 10-10 Defense, we understand and respect those perspectives while providing a safe environment where you can learn, ask questions and focus specifically on female self-defense techniques---against specific attacks women encounter---that will help you operate more confidently in the world. 

African-American man and woman on a date


of sexual assaults are committed by a victim's

intimate partner or an acquaintance.

Hard Facts

Statistics tell us that the majority of women experience assaults committed by someone they know. When the unexpected happens in the blink of an eye, be mentally and physically prepared to act. 

Learn from a woman who walks the walk


At 10-10 Defense, you will learn self-defense techniques from a female instructor who practices the same diligence you do when you travel, conduct business, go shopping, walk across a parking lot or leave work by yourself. She is a police officer who has a first-degree black belt in Krav Maga tactics and is a student of multiple martial arts. She combines and substantiates every technique to give you a distinct advantage in any potential altercation. She will not only train your body how to respond, but also your mind in order to create the mental toughness required to stand up for yourself when it counts.

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