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While every potential altercation is unique, 10-10 Defense offers a spectrum of self-defense courses to prepare you for the unexpected.



Women's Self-Defense

Suggested Audience: Women age 13+

You'll learn the basics in this class, including stance, holds and grabs involved in most assaults. You will also learn the most vulnerable areas of the body and how to leverage that knowledge, using your own body as armor against whatever may come your way.

Rape Prevention

Suggested Audience: Women age 13+

Studies show that most victims are assaulted by a friend or acquaintance. And as women, we can unknowingly become a target of unwanted advances. This course teaches women how to be aware and prevent a compromising situation before it escalates into injury or worse.

**This course includes physical activity on the ground. Please consider any physical limitations that may limit your participation before registering for this course.

Self-Defense Behind the Wheel

Suggested Audience: Women of driving age

What happens when you're in your vehicle, or get forced into one, and things take a turn for the worse? Traveling doesn't have to be scary. This course focuses on self-defense techniques in a vehicle from the perspective of both the driver and passenger.


Corporate Assessment and Employee Self-Defense

Suggested Audience: Businesses; employees working alone or very early/late hours

Employee safety is crucial to productivity and longevity, not to mention creating liability for your company. 10-10 Defense can tailor courses specific to your worksite and employee specifications that focus on self-defense both inside and outside common workspaces to defend your company, help employees feel safer and decrease risk.


**Note: 10-10 Defense does not provide firearms for these courses. You must be a registered firearm owner and bring it with you to the course.

Firearm Safety & Maintenance

Suggested Audience: Firearm owners wanting to learn how to maintain their gun


Wasn't sure if you wanted these courses separate or together. You could just focus on cleaning here. Just a thought.

Firearm Training

Suggested Audience: First-time to advanced firearm owners wanting to learn or improve their firearm skills

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