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I get it. You have questions. Let's see if I can answer a few of those for you.

How long are the courses?

That depends on the one you sign up for, but here's a general guideline:

  • Women's Self-Defense: Two separate 4-hour courses --- Anti-Kidnapping and Rape Prevention. One course is held on one day.

  • Gen Z & Students: Whether you are a school district or class friends, we will complete the 8-hour full course spread out over your timeframe. Contact us for more details. 

  • Gun Safety: Approximately 3 hours

  • Corporate: Timelines are typically tailored to the business.

Keep in mind that you can sign up for a pre-scheduled course on the website, if posted, or 10-10 Defense can arrange a private lesson. Contact us to get more details. 

I really want to take a course, but what if I can't make it for the whole course?

We understand schedules can be tight. However, our instructors are making a commitment each night. We suggest you reschedule at a time when your schedule allows or reach out to us at the number or email above to see if we can schedule private lessons. If you have already paid for a course, we are happy to apply your registration fee to a future course.

What if I signed up and have to cancel?

We understand that life happens. An email to is the best place to start. Our Cancellation Policy states that you MUST CANCEL WITHIN 48 HOURS BEFORE the course start date. If you cancel within that time, your registration fee will be applied to a future course. If you cancel FEWER THAN 48 HOURS before the course start date, the registration fee will be forfeited. We typically do not grant returns, but we'll work with you.

I'm concerned I might get emotional during a class. I don't want to embarrass myself.

We aren't going to embarrass you and you wouldn't be the first...or the show emotion. We may even be the first to whip out a tissue. Seriously, we know that everyone brings different life experiences into our courses and they can evoke different emotions as times. We aren't licensed counselors, but we understand and respect those differences. We'll work with you at your emotional pace to learn self-defense techniques that could possibly prevent future trauma and certainly help give you more confidence in the light of past circumstances.

What if I can't perform all the techniques?

We understand you might be a little intimidated about the physicality of learning self-defense, but really there is nothing to worry about. Women of all ages have successfully completed our courses. We know these techniques are new to you, so we take it slow and build your confidence with repetition. We're more concerned with form and the mind/body connection with self-defense so you could apply these techniques later if you had to. 

I noticed one of the instructors was a man. Am I going to have to fight him?

We purposely have a male instructor help teach these courses since women need to learn what it feels like to successfully perform these techniques with a man. That success is critical in both teaching the value of technique and getting valuable insights into how men think. They may look intimidating, but the truth is they are kind and laser-focused on helping you be successful. They will work at your pace to help you learn how to defend yourself.

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